Feb 5
I am so happy to be included in artist Melanie Jannise’s Poet Series.
You can become a donor of my portrait here.

Jan 26
My review of Maxime Raymond Bock’s Baloney is up at Quill and Quire.

My spring readings are posted on my events page: appearances at Toronto’s knife fork book, Ottawa Writers Fest, and the Great Lakes Arts Festival!

Excited to announce my fall poetry retreat at Pelee Island Book House is open for enrollment. For more information, visit my events page.

Jan 23
I have three poems in the new issue of Prism International and am in some very good company.

On January 20th, I was honoured to participate in a full reading of Moez Surani’s ةيلمع Operación Opération Operation 行 动 Oперация. Together, many poets, writers, and activists spent the evening reading aloud the names military operation from UN Member Nations. Here is a beautiful compendium of some of the images from the night.

Jan 6
Adam Sol takes a close look at Hacker Packer in his latest segment of How a Poem Moves:

We are left with a sense that McFadzean’s speaker is overwhelmed by the legacy of hero worship that can build magnificent tombs, launch global celebrity careers, and develop oracular technological tools, but cannot protect women from abduction or girls from their fathers.