I am excited to join Flying Books as a poetry mentor! You can read a little about my editing process and apply to work with me here

“My goal is to meet each poem on its own terms to help you to develop your unique voice and identify the underlying poetics of your work. For individual poems, this might mean tightening language, syntax, and musicality at the line level, to making overarching suggestions for form and narrative. I will push you to consider each word choice, to find the impulse that drives your work, and liven what is already present in your writing. I will encourage you bring the sum of your knowledge and life experiences to the page—no matter how ordinary or esoteric. For longer projects, I will identify publication opportunities, offer suggestions for further reading, and help you to shape and order your manuscript. I look forward to sharing my excitement for lyric poetry and consider it the utmost honour to help you discover the poem that only you can write.”